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Coming soon?

There has been a lack of updates for the past several months, so to make it up, here's a sneak peak of what is being developed at the moment.

Painting program in Java

A image drawing application in Java.

Currently in a "demonstation" phase with a interim graphical user interface, with support for brushes, image filters, layers, and input and output to image files.

There have been some effort into enabling multi-threaded processing for image filters to decrease filter processing time on multi-core systems.

Many basic functionality expected in an image manipulation program are still missing (such as Undo/Redo) or in development, and is more of an programming exercise than an actual image editing application at the moment.

New Dvaspi output

Dvaspi is being rewritten from the ground up.

Some design goals (which may or may not be delievered) are:

  • Support for a graphical user interface to allow display of multiple data sets.
  • Improved data rendering capabilities.
  • Allow for application of transformations on data sets to help in analysis.
  • Fine-grained configuration of the visual representation of data points and lines.
  • Possible scripting support to perform tasks in Dvaspi.
  • Protection of original data from modification within Dvaspi via specification of mutable and immutable data sets.
  • Export and priting of data set visualization.

The image to the left shows the result of the improved data set rendering capability in the new Dvaspi.


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Open Source Projects


Blocks icon Blocks is a brick-breaking game which is being written in Java. It is designed to work as both an applet and an application, so it can be played both online and offline.

The underlying design philosophy of Blocks is to have many of the elements of the game generate itself programmatically. The levels are generated programmatically as are most of the components that make up the game screen.

Play Coobird's Blocks >

Learn more about Coobird's Blocks >


Pitacalc icon

Pitacalc is a command line interface calculator program. It works like a regular calculator, that it calculates and keeps a running total, but the calculations are performed by entering instructions that the calculator processes.

Pitacalc is available for download. The program is open source software and is released under the modified BSD license. The source code and executable files are available for free.

Learn more about Pitacalc >


Dvaspi image

Coobird's Data Viewing and Selecting Program with Integration (Dvaspi) is a free, open source Java application which performs functions such as plotting data points from comma-separated value or tab-delimited text files, selecting the data points and copying to the clipboard, integrating with a baseline correction and many other functions. It is available as a free download.

Dvaspi is open source software. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License, and the source code and executable files are available for free.

Learn more about Dvaspi >


Thumbnailator icon

Thumbnailator is a collection of Java classes and applications designed to produce thumbnail images. A modular approach is taken where the image generation is separated from the user interface to allow use of components from Thumbnailator in multiple applications.

The project aims to provide facilities to create high-quality thumbnails and also allowing embedding of a watermark or logo with varying transparency. Thumbnails generated by Thumbnailator can have the aspect ratio preserved or have the image rotated as desired.

Thumbnailator is open-source software, available to download for free under the modified BSD license.

Learn more about Thumbnailator >

Dormant Projects:


Emulator icon

An Emulator which emulates a 16-bit processor and memory

Not the first time to write an emulator for a similar processor, it has been rewritten in Java. (The original iteration was written in C, however due to the hard drive crash mentioned earlier, it is also lost.) The processor supports 16 instructions and 4096 memory addresses. The instruction sets is based off of Donn Stewart's Home-built TTL CPU.

This project has been dormant since July 2006.

Learn more about Emulator >

Building a Processor

Building a Processor icon

Building a Processor is a project to build a processor from 74LS series integrated circuits (IC). The project is currently in dormant status.

Currently, the project page includes videos and pictures of components assembled on the solderless breadboard. There are two videos of the circuit performing addition and subtraction calculations using a D flip-flop along with a couple of 4-bit adders and a XOR gate.

This project has been dormant since April 2007.

Learn more about Building a Processor >