Moved the "devblog" to

Sunday, June 26, 2022

It’s been a while since the last post. Since I don’t want to make the comment on the blog page (“Chances are pretty good this won’t last long 😉”) a self-fulfilling prophecy, here’s a new post. 😛

A couple of weeks back, I’ve moved contents from the devblog (which used to be at here.

The devblog, as the name would suggest, was supposed to be where I post a bunch of updates for development, but that didn’t last too long. Many were just short “oh, I released XYZ!” posts, so they didn’t offer much value. However, there were a few good articles, like a few niche articles on the Eee PC (remember netbooks?) did end up high in Google’s rankings. That’s why articles that seemed good to keep has been migrated here, while others have not.

Going to right now will show the WordPress-based blog, but individual blog posts will redirect here. The redirects are implemented as HTTP 301 redirects on the server-side, using Redirect directives in .htaccess for Apache httpd. Google recommends redirects so that their index can be updated to reflect the new URL. Hopefully that’ll retain the rankings for the pages that have been on the Web for close to 15 years. 😉

Once I see that Google updates their index, I’ll probably close up that subdomain. The world doesn’t need another WordPress blog that’s never going to be updated.

Update in August 2023:

Due to some required server maintenance, I went ahead and shutdown the devblog. All requests are now redirected to the contents hosted on this domain.