It's a small world (of open source developers)

Sunday, November 19, 2023

One of the libraries I found to be very useful is the SQLite JDBC Driver. It’s an awesome library that allows accessing SQLite through JDBC by the connection string jdbc:sqlite:<database file>.

For example, getting a database connection to an in-memory SQLite database is simple as:


This library is no longer actively developed, but is maintained by gotson, who seems to be a fairly prolific developer with a lot of GitHub activity.

To my surprise, gotson is the developer for komga, a media server for comics and manga. The name komga rang a bell because I was aware it uses Thumbnailator, the thumbnail generation library I created.

It’s truly a small world, where a library I write is being used by an application written by a developer whose library I use. An unintended case of reciprocity enabled by open source.

Another moment where I felt open source was awesome! 😉