Cannons for Window 1.5

Cannons for Windows is one of those classic “tank firing a cannon ball at a target” game. This is one of the older versions of the game which was based off of code handed to students attending a after-school computer club when I was 5th grade. We were told to follow a series of directions on paper and copy down the source code into a form in Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0. Most of the code dealt with the projectile motion and the target hit detection, something that you wouldn’t expect an elementary school student to come up with on his or her own.

My version added a few “features” such as wind which would push the shell back toward the cannon. The wind was adjusted by sliding the scroll bar to the desired wind strength. Also, a picture box was added next to the wind scroll bar which would show a drawing of wind blowing on a house. The problem with that feature was that it only changed the drawing when the user clicked on the box and had a floppy disk with the drawings of the house in various wind levels. Of course, all these were a result of not really knowing much about events, properties of controls, etc. (But then again, can you expect too much out of an 11-year-old kid?)

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