Luckfinder 2

Luckfinder 2 was a text adventure game where the player goes through a pretty much pre-determined route with very little deviations from the one-dimensional game play. (Basically one had to just remember not to go back the same direction, i.e. if you went south in the last move, just don’t go back north.)

At the time, I was playing a text adventure game called Wishbringer by Infocom and was influenced into writing a similar game.

The game was written in QBasic around 1994. I remember writing this on my father’s 386 Toshiba laptop, back in the days when 486 desktops were prominent. Pentium-based computers were available, but those computers were top-of-the-line and were very expensive. If memory serves right, the fastest x86 processor at the time was a 66 MHz Pentium.

(If it weren’t for the horribly broken English, I would show the introduction, but as I said, it’s horribly broken English, so I’m too embarrassed to show the introduction screen. End of story.)