Transit Game

Unlike the name of the program, it is nothing more than a demonstration of a tile-based map display system.

Originally written with making a game like SimCity in mind, it ended up being just a program to display maps in a pseudo-3D angle using sprites. The map was stored as a two-dimensional array and it did support scrolling of the map. It appears that the screen shot is displaying the map from coordinates (1, 2) to (10, 11).

A year later, I would attempt to write a similar program in Java, with a original path finding algorithm (read: I didn’t know any better to look up proper path finding algorithms at the time) but that would be lost due to a hard drive crash.

A very nice feature of Delphi was the native support for allowing bitmaps to be transparent by merely specifying the transparency color. There was no need to have a separate mask image and perform bitwise operations to achieve transparency.

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