Past Programs Gallery

Thumbnail of a DOS-based text adventure game Programming has been my hobby since I was in elementary school. I started out watching my friends who were writing programs by pecking at the keyboard of the 386 machines at school. This is back in the days of DOS, where most programs were still being written in text mode and graphics were primitive. (In retrospect, graphics in DOS was really awesome. The ability to directly manipulate the graphics adapter is not permitted by modern operating systems.)

Thumbnail of a transit game (mockup) I haven’t had much formal education in computer programming except for a semester here and few quarters here, but it has been an activity that I’ve enjoyed for a long time. Most of my programming knowledge has been self-taught, but I really think I’ve benefited from the few classes I’ve taken.

I’ll be posting some programs I’ve worked on over the years, along with some thoughts that come up.

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